Renters - FAQ - Renting a car

What’s the minimum age to rent a car?

You will have to be at least 21 to rent a car on SnappCar, however there are some additional age restrictions. It’s not possible to rent a van or a car that costs €75 or more per day if you are under 25.


Am I insured if a breakdown occurs?

Yes, during a booking you are covered in case of a breakdown.

Please see: What to do in case of a breakdown 


Is it possible to add an extra driver?

Yes this is possible after the booking has been paid and only if this person also has a complete and verified profile. Please see: Add extra driver 


Can I extend/change a booking?

It is possible to extend booking once. Changing a booking, however, is not possible. If you and the owner wish to change the times/dates of the booking you will have to cancel and re-do the request. 

Please see:

During the rental - Extension


Can I take the car abroad?

Yes you can take the car abroad but this is only allowed if the owner gave you explicit permission to do so.

Please see: 

Taking the car abroad 

Green card and insurance certificate

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