Renters - Pricing from March 1

The cars at SnappCar are on average cheaper than at traditional car rental companies and saving users hundreds of euros a year compared to owning a car yourself. At SnappCar there’s no deposit and no subscription costs. You only pay for the car that you actually use.

Car owners are free to determine their own rental prices, mileage fee and amount of free kilometers so similar cars can have different prices.

From March 1 2017 we use the following pricing model:

(day price x amount of rental days) + 5% insurance fee + 10% SnappCar Fee* = total booking price

*the minimum fee is €3,50 per day for insurance and €2,25 per booking for SnappCar. 

Age fee

If your age is below 25 you will pay €5 extra on top of the total booking price.

Optional (>25 and up)

If your age is 25 and up you are able to pay off the deductible waiver for a set price per day when paying for your booking. By doing so you bring down your deductible fee to €0.

More information about buying off the deductible can be found here: Deductible Waiver 

Long rental discount

Is the rental period longer than 3 days then you will receive a 10% discount on the day price. From 7 days or longer it’ll be 15%. The discount will be deducted from the total price.

(day price x 0,9 x amount of rental days)+ 5% insurance + 10% SnappCar-fee = total booking price

(day price x 0,85 x amount of rental days)+ 5% insurance + 10% SnappCar-fee = total booking price

Extra kilometers and fuel

Did you exceed the mileage included in the booking? This will be automatically calculated when you finalise the check-out by noting the final mileage. The amount will be deducted from your bank account after closing the booking. When agreeing with our Terms and Conditions your allow us to do so. 

The costs for the extra kilometers will be calculated the same way : (extra kilometers x mileage fee) + 15% = costs extra kilometers.

The extra kilometer fee will always be processed via SnappCar. Only the costs for fuel are settled together. 

Of course you pay for the fuel that you’ve used. We advise car owners to hand over the car with a full tank of fuel so you can bring back the car the same way.

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