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FAQ - SnappCar leaving the Swedish market in March 2023

What happens to my bookings that have already been paid, and are to take place after April 3rd (and onwards?)

These will automatically be cancelled and will be refunded to you as the renter. You don’t have to do anything to get this refunded. It is not possible to book again, but instead, we refer you to GoMore's app.


What happens to my booking that starts before April 3rd and ends after April 3rd?

If you have a booking that is already paid, and it begins before the 3rd of April, the booking can still take place. 


What happens to the damage that happened after a booking but has not been fixed yet?

If our insurance company approves the damage (i.e. it was reported in time and the damage is included in the terms of the insurance with If), the car owner will have the right to repair the car even after our platform has shut down. This means that you may have to pay a deductible later than April.


What happens to all my personal information that SnappCar has?

SnappCar’s privacy policy remains applicable.
Note that no personal information will be shared with GoMore or any other third party as a result of SnappCar ceasing operations in Sweden.


Can I transfer my stats and reviews to GoMore? No, it is unfortunately not possible to send information from the SnappCar bookings to GoMore.

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