FAQ - SnappCar is leaving the Swedish market in March 2023

FAQ for car owners


What happens to my bookings that have already been paid, and are to take place after April 3rd (and onwards?)

These will automatically be canceled during the day and will be refunded to the renter. It is not possible to book again, but instead we refer to booking via GoMore's app.


What happens to the previous damage that hasn't been repaired yet?

If you have reported a damage on a previous occasion and had it approved by If (i.e. you received a damage letter from If showing that you have the right to repair the car), then it is still possible to repair the damage until xxxx. If you have not received a claim letter from If yet, you should contact If to see if something has gone wrong, or if the claim has been denied.


I have noticed damages that has not been reported yet. What should I do? Damages must be reported immediately upon check-out and no later than 48 hours after completing the booking. It is not possible to report damage later than this. The last day to report a damage to a new booking (applies to bookings that end between dates xx-xx) is xxxx.


I have not received payment from the renter for fuel, road tax or damages. What should I do?

In the first instance, we ask you to contact the lessee. If you do not receive a reply, you need to submit the information via this form. It is important that you write with both the booking number, a screenshot of the fine/receipt and a screenshot showing that you have tried to contact the tenant.


What happens to all my personal information that SnappCar has?

SnappCar’s privacy policy remains applicable.
Note that no personal information will be shared with GoMore or any other third party as a result of SnappCar ceasing operations in Sweden.


Can I transfer my stats and reviews to GoMore? No, it is unfortunately not possible to send information from the SnappCar bookings to GoMore.


I don't want to use Keyless anymore. What should I do? Email us at keyless@snappcar.se as soon as possible and tell us that you want to dismantle. We will then connect you with the workshop that suggests times. Dismantling takes about 1.5 hours. After that, we will stop the monthly subscription.


I want to continue using Keyless with GoMore. What should I do? Register for GoMore via xxxx and email us at keyless@snappcar.se so that we can solve the integration in the right way. When it is arranged, your subscription will be canceled with us and you will start paying via GoMore instead.


Keyless is more expensive on GoMore, I don't want to pay more? GoMore has offered a discount so that all previous Keyless cars from SnappCar can continue to pay SEK 250 per month.

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