Renters - How do I register?

Registration for our platform is easy. All you have to do is go to our registration page where you fill in your credentials and upload a profile picture. After doing so, you upload a drivers license or passport/European ID. A final verification has to be done via Facebook or by paying 1 cent. This way we know our users are trustworthy.

Renters are obligated to upload a driver’s license; a passport or ID will suffice for car owners. It is best to provide as much details as you can on your profile so that other users get to know you at first glance.

Some tips for uploading the document:

The best way to upload the document is to use a JPEG file no larger than 2 MB. Use your smartphone to make a picture of the document. Lay it flat on a table, make sure there is enough light, open the camera app on your phone, flash OFF, keep your phone straight and make sure the image fills the entire screen. Hold still and make the picture! Before you upload make sure the photo isn't blurry, too dark or too light and readable. If you can't read it neither can we ;)

From smartphone to your computer?

E-mail the photos to yourself. Save the images on to your computer and upload them via the SnappCar website. And that's it! Our system will check the license and if all goes well you're one step closer to using SnappCar!

Users are always interested in who the other users are and why you’d like to use SnappCar for example. Past experiences show that a complete and detailed profile results in a trusty impression. This makes renting and renting out a car a lot easier!

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