Registration of my car

You decided to put your car on SnappCar, awesome! Luckily, registering your car is walk in the park. You fill in the license plate of your car and the brand/model automatically appear. If this is not the case the make/model of your car is not yet in the database, please send us an e-mail via

You’ll then be able to add additional information about your car, such as colour, features, specifications and accessories. This helps renters to make a solid decision when looking at your car.

You’ll also be able to upload a couple of picture. Make sure you take some decent pictures, after all presentation is key. Snap a couple of shots from the interior and exterior of the car to make a lasting impression. After uploading the pictures you’re all set to rent out your beloved car.

Further adjustments, such as price or free mileage, can be adjusted at any time via My SnappCar > My cars > click Edit.

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