Car owners - What is 'My SnappCar'?

Logging into your personal SnappCar page is easy. Go to the website and click “log in”. Then, click My SnappCar from the top bar and navigate to your personal dashboard. Here you’ll find an overview of your profile.


Overview of your account, bookings and profile


Here you will find all of your messages to and from other users. Y

My car rental

Here you will find all of your requests and bookings. When you click on the booking you will find a detail page with more information and options such as review and accepting a request.

Bookings - Irrelevant for you as a car owner

My cars

This is the overview where you can find all the cars that you've added. When you click Edit you enter the car's detailpage where you can change settings such as price and availability.

My profile

Here you will find all of your account information and you will be able to edit this.


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