Car owners - During a booking – Extending and return of the car


Renters have the option to extend an existing rental once. An extension can be done up to 60 minutes before the booking ends. If the extension is not finalized the renter will need to request an additional booking.


A booking that ends at 18:00 and the renter wishes to extend the booking, the renter will have to make sure the extension is requested, accepted by you and paid for at 17:00. After this time it is no longer possible.

Extending a rental period is easy! Your renter can do this via the website The extension is confirmed as soon as you accept the request and the renter pays for it. No confirmation of payment? The extension is not confirmed and the renter needs to do an additional booking or bring back the car.

Please note that extending an existing rental is possible only once. There is no additional check-in procedure if there's an extension. 

Bringing back the car

When the booking ends the renter need to bring back the car and you will perform the check-out. You can also do the check-out sooner if the renter brings back the car earlier.

After the booking has ended you will have 48h to finalize check-out. After 48h the booking will be closed an it is not possible to edit the booking anymore.


More information: After the booking - Check-out and payment

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