Car owners - Processing traffic fines

If you receive a traffic fine that happened when the renter was in possession of the car it is important that you try and settle this with the renter. Of course it is possible that a traffic fine occurs but it is important that the renter quickly solves this. Ask the renter to pay you the costs of the fine directly.

If you can't solve it together with the renter you can always contact our Community Support.  Always double check whether or not the fine occurred during the booking and to which booking it belongs. Please make sure that the entire fine is visible, since we’ll send a copy of it to the renter in the process of withdrawing the amount.

We’ll process and collect the amount of the fine after receiving your message. This will cost the renter an additional €10 administration fee. We’ll transfer the money to your account, but you’ll be in charge of paying the ticket. Important to mention is that the fines will always be reimbursed by us, even when the renter neglects or refuses payment.

Please remember to pay on time, as it’s your responsibility to pay the fine on time. SnappCar is not allowed to process any additional fees.

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