Renters - Insurance Coverage

Insurance during the booking

During the booking the car is insured by Allianz. This insurance basically cover the regular insurance of the owner with an extra layer by our insurer. In case a damage occurs this will be handled by our insurance.

Before the bookings starts you and the owner check the car and perform the check-in procedure. This will confirm the status of the car in which you've received it. And at the end of the booking you both do the check-out of the car. If there are any (new) damages this is where you mention them and we will be notified. The damage report will be send to our insurer immediately and we will process the damage accordingly.

More information about the insurance can be found in the policy documents which you can find here: SnappCar Insurance page

Roadside assistance

During the rental you are insured in case of a breakdown. If the car suddenly stops working properly, lights flash up or a unusual smell/smoke occurs stop the car immediately and bring it to a safe spot. Try to figure out what went wrong and call the road side assistance immediately by dialling our emergency phone number and pick option 1.

Netherlands: +31 (0)30-2087011

Sweden: +46840309592

Denmark: +4589883586

Germany: +49 30 588 49323

Call the number which corresponds with the country in which you rented the car.


The car is also insured if you need to go abroad. However, it is important that you discuss this with the car owner, you are only allowed to take the car abroad if you have explicit approval by the owner.

In case of a damage a deductible applies per damage event. If you are 27 or older we offer the opportunity to pay the deductible waiver which brings the deductible to 0 euros. The insurance costs are included in the price that you pay. 

Please see:

Deductible waiver

Damage & breakdowns




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