Renters – Cancelling a booking

You can always cancel a booking before the rental period starts. Cancelling a booking can be done online via My SnappCar > Bookings > click on the booking > choose Cancel. Please note: a booking that already started cannot be cancelled anymore.

SnappCar cancellation and administrational fees for Bookings



Cancelling a booking before car owner’s confirmation or payment.

€0 - no charges

Cancelling a booking after payment

More than 24 hours before start rental period: refund payment - €10 cancellation fee

Less than 24 hours before start rental period: no refund - the rental fee will be paid to the car owner

If you want to cancel a booking to change the booking make sure the car owner cancels and you request a new, correct booking. If you cancel the bookings yourself the above mentioned cancellation fees automatically apply. This is a process that we cannot undo.

Further information about our penalty policy can be found here. Any refunds will happen automatically and make sure you update the owner about your cancellation.

If you think these cancellation fees do not apply to your specific situation do not cancel the booking and contact our Community team via citing the booking number. If you do cancel the booking beforehand we cannot undo the cancellation fees.


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