Renters - During a booking – Extension

Renters have the possibility to extend a booking once. This can be done up to 60 minutes before the booking originally ends. Always contact the owner first to make sure he/she is okay with the extension, after you've contacted the owner and have agreed to extend you can request the extension.

How does it work
For example, a booking ends at 18:00 and you wish to extend the booking, you will have to make sure the extension is requested, accepted and paid for at 17:00. After this time it is no longer possible and you cannot request an extension anymore.

Extending a rental period is easy! You can do this via My SnappCar > Bookings > click on the right booking > pick Extend in your profile. The extension is complete as soon as the car owner accepts the request and you pay for it. Once you've paid the end time of the booking will change. It is not necessary to re-do the check-in in case of an extension.

Please note: You can only extend a booking once, after that you will have to request a new booking. An incomplete (meaning: not accepted/paid) extension is NOT valid and you will have to return the car at the original end time. that extending an existing rental is possible only once. 

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