Renters - What to do in case of a damage?

Damaged the car? We’re here to help! In case of a damage make sure to document it correctly. Make some clear photos of the damaged part and make sure you note this during check-out. When you check-out a booking you are able to note all the new damages and a report of this will be sent to our Community Support Team. We will contact you for further actions after receiving the documents. If applicable, we deduct the deductible from your bank account. We’ll notify you when doing so.

In case of an accident with another car/party it's necessary that you fill out the European Damage Form. You’re able to download the European Accident Statement via our website. Most car owners have one in their cars, but always make sure you download one just in case. You’ll fill in the other details and the new damage together with the owner at the end of the booking.


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