Car owners - Changing a request or booking

Changing a request

Did you receive a rental request but the times don’t really suit you? Feel free to contact the renter to discuss more suitable times. Renters are flexible and are always able to send a new request with different time slots. Make sure the time slots are clearly discussed before the payment is done, since it’s not possible to change the times after the payment has been done. The only option for changing the times of the booking after its paid is to cancel the booking and send a new request.

Changing a paid booking

If the time frames of a booking are not correct or if the dates of the booking need to be changed you will have to cancel the booking so the renter can send you a new request. In this case it is best that you as an owner cancels the booking.

If the renter cancels the booking after payment cancellation fees will automatically apply and you as an owner might get paid, this is a process that we cannot undo. This is why you as an owner need to cancel a (paid) booking in order to edit the booking. The renter will receive a full refund and can send the new request.

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