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To be able to rent out your car on Snappcar, you need to have a completed profile page. In this article we’ll explain the steps needed to start your journey with SnappCar.

After completing your profile page, go to ‘Share a car’ and add the car you wish to share.


If you’re visiting SnappCar for the first time than you have two ways to register your account: Log in using your Facebook account or create a username and password which is tied to your email address. When you have chosen the second one, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Click the confirmation button to verify your email address.

Filling in my profile
You can locate your profile by clicking on the circle picture in the top right corner of the homepage. Select Edit Profile. Your profile consists of the following elements; Profile, Account settings, Driving License, Verification, About me.


  • Personal information
    Here you fill in basic personal detail: name, gender, date of birth.

  • Contact information
    Your contact information will only be shared when you have a confirmed reservation with another SnappCar user. To verify your phone number, enter your number. A one time verification code will be sent to your telephone. Enter the code on the profile page. 

  • Bank details (mandatory for car owners)
    By filling in your bank details, SnappCar knows where to transfer your rental income to.

Account settings
(visible when your account is verified)
Under ‘account settings’ you can set your preferred language, whether you want to receive our newsletter, and you can change your password. By turning on ‘automated rental requests’ SnappCar will show your car to renters looking for a similar car for which they have sent out a rental request. It’s an easy way for you to get more requests.

Driving license (optional for car owners)
Uploading a copy of your driving license is optional for car owners. However, should you ever rent a car yourself on SnappCar, it would be quite convenient to already have your driving license uploaden. Upload a copy of the front and back side of the license. Make sure your name, birth date, expiration date and license number are clearly visible. Your citizen service number will not be used, so you can block this on the uploaded copy.

Verification (visible when your account is not yet verified)
To verify yourself on SnappCar, we ask you to transfer € 0.01 on the basis of the name and IBAN linked to your account, which is the only information we can see. We then check for matching names and an active account.

About me
You’re almost finished! This is the final (and most fun) step towards completing your profile. SnappCar works because of the mutual trust within the community. That’s why it’s important to share a bit of your enthusiasm for car sharing. Tell other users something about yourself, who you are or why you choose to share on SnappCar. Most importantly, upload a clear and recognizable picture of yourself.

That was it! Now you are truly ready to start your SnappCar experience!

Happy Snapping

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