What is in it for me?

You can gain money from putting your car on SnappCar. With this, you not only participate in a more social and sustainable environment, but it’s also a welcome extra for your bank account. Who knew green could be that beneficial!

Car owners are able to set their own rental price, availability and rental quantity. We took in mind that monthly costs can be high for car owners. It doesn’t stop with just the car purchase, since there’s road taxes, insurance and parking permits. And, we didn’t even mention maintenance. The average car will set you back a couple of hundred euro’s each month. That’s a serious expense on monthly basis, especially for car owners who use their car occasionally. This is where SnappCar gets really interesting; you’ll not only cut down costs, but you’ll able help the world get greener. That’s a win-win situation.

Renting out your car via SnappCar is free. Car owners receive 80% on every rental, the same goes for takings from extra mileage. The other 20% is used to pay the insurance, 24/7-breakdown service and our service. The minimum fee we apply is €3,50 per day for insurance and €2,25 per booking for SnappCar. 

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