Car owners - What to do in case of a traffic fine abroad

Processing fines from abroad is slightly different from national fines in some cases. It’s important to check whether or not the time stamp on the fine falls within the dates and time slots of the booking. Always check whether or not the letter you received is the actual fine or just a notice. You’ll be able to recognize this by checking the amount to be paid.

In some cases you have to fill in whether or not you were the driver at the time of the fine. If that’s the case, make sure you contact the renter before taking further actions. Most renters are cooperative and will surely take some time of your hands by filling it in themselves. You’ll receive the actual fine a little later.

Please fill in the credentials of the owner of the car on the form and put us in the CC of the email communication. You can use the following body of text for the email in case you need you some guidance:

Recently, I received a traffic fine from abroad. I was able to connect this to our booking via SnappCar by checking the date and timestamp. I’ve already filled in the necessary information for the car owner section and leave the rest of the fine for you to solve with the connected authorities. I’ve also put SnappCar in the CC of this email, to update them on this matter. Would you please be so kind to full in the form and keep me updated?

Tip: Download the free app Scannable. This’ll ease the process of making a scan and is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store.