Car owners - What to do in the event of a breakdown?

During the rental period your car is insured in case of a breakdown. The renter will call our road side assistence and they will take care of the breakdown accordingly. They will document the location and a summary of the malfunction. They’ll also call in a breakdown patrol car to provide service and on the spot repair where possible.

Which numbers should the renter call?

Netherlands: +3130-2087011

Denmark: +45 89883586

Sweden: +46 840309592

Germany: +49 30 588 49323

If the car cannot continue after a quick fix it will be towed, our Community Support Team will contact you in that case to determine the final destination of the car. This is most likely your own garage or dealership.

In many cases the breakdown occurs because of a mechanical failure and/or bad maintenance to the car. In these cases the costs of the repair are not covered by our insurance. Please note that technical failures or mechanical malfunctions are not included in the all-risk coverage, but are subject to wear and tear and part of owning a car. Any towing costs or road side assistance costs are covered by SnappCar. 

You will always receive a message from our Community Support Team in case of a breakdown.

Refunding the renter
If the renter experiences a breakdown due to insufficient maintenance of the car you will have to refund the renter for the period he could not use the vehicle ( see article 5.8. of our General Terms & Conditions). If you cannot sort this out together you can contact our Community team.

Closing the booking
Normally, you’d be in charge of checking the fuel gage and mileage at the end of a booking. This is a different story in case of malfunction and the car has been towed, because a booking is closed 48h after it ends.

It’s important to stay in touch with the renter on this matter so that you can work something out for the fuel gage and mileage when the car is back/you've seen the car.



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