Renters - Possible registration issues

Uploading a driver’s license failed

The best way to upload a license is to have it ready in a JPEG file with a maximum size of 2MB. Make sure the picture is clearly taken. Some word of advice: scan the document instead of taking a picture. Also, both sides of the document are required in two separate images.

The upload has been denied

A denial of an upload mainly has to do with the quality of the picture or scan. It might be that the ID isn’t readable or not completely visible. Always check the expiration date of the document you’re uploading. You can always try again after you’ve taken a new picture or scan of the document.

A non-EU driver’s license

You can only join SnappCar with a valid EU driver’s license. This is a condition that is stated by our insurance. Currently we are talking to them, to see if we can allow all licenses on the platform. But at this moment it isn't possible yet. 

The payment verification has been denied

A denial of payment occurs when you’ve chosen to verify yourself via the payment of 1 cent and you’re attempting to pay with a bank account that’s not on your name. The bank account has to match the name provided in your profile. Make sure that the bank account and cardholder’s name are the same as the name in the profile.

Facebook/Linkedin verification has been denied

In some cases the Facebook verification fails because the automatic checks are unable to acquire the needed information. In that case you can try and verify by using the payment check.


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