Renters - Availability of cars

You can easily find available cars on our website by selecting your preferred dates and time slots. In order to book a car, you have to send a rental request. We try to motivate all car owners to have an up-to-date calendar. However, this does not always happen. To increase your changes of an accepted booking you can send up to 3 rental requests for the same period. All open requests are deleted as soon as you pay for one of them.

Automatic rental requests
Are you having trouble finding a suitable car? Our system is here to help you out! It’ll look for similar cars based on your search queries. You’ll receive a message as soon as a car owner accepts one of those requests. All that’s left to do is pay and you’re all set. In case you’d rather perform your own searches all the time, head to your profile and switch off the automatic search option via My Profile > My account settings > Automatic rental requests pick No.

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