Renters - Changing a request or booking

Changing a request

Did you send a rental request but the pick-up or drop-off times need to change.  Feel free to contact the owner to discuss more suitable times. You can always send an alternative request with the correct time slots. Make sure the time slots are clearly discussed before the payment is done, since it’s not possible to change the times after you've paid for the booking. The only option for changing the times of the booking after its paid is to cancel the request and send a new request.

Cancelling an unpaid request is always free of any cancellation charges.

Changing a paid booking

If the time frames of a booking are not correct or if the dates of the booking need to be changed to booking will have to be cancelled. It is best if the owner does because this ensures you will get a full refund.

If you cancel the booking after payment cancellation fees will automatically apply and the owner might get paid, this is a process that we cannot undo. This is why the owner needs to cancel a paid booking in order to edit the booking. You will receive a full refund and can send the new request.

If the owner is unwilling to cancel the request please contact our Community team so we can take care of it.

Extending a booking

It is possible to extend a booking once, only with the approval of the owner and within a specific time frame. How this works exactly you can read here: Renters - Extending a booking

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