Renters - Additional driver

In some cases, you might want to add an extra driver. You can do this after the booking is paid for and only if the person has a complete and verified SnappCar profile. The extra driver is not an extra renter. The user that booked the car is responsible and needs to be the one picking up and returning the car.

If so, make sure he or she has a fully verified SnappCar profile and is added to the booking. Both the renter and the additional driver(s) need to fulfil the same rental requirements for the applicable booking, such as the minimum age to rent a specific car.

Adding the extra driver is easy. You can do so by clicking the tab Bookings in My SnappCar > click on the booking > choose Add driver.

Please note that you’re not insured when you let someone drive that’s not added to the booking. This means that you, as a renter, have full responsibility including financial consequences.

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