Renters - What is SnappCar and how does it work?

SnappCar is a platform that allows private individuals to easily and safely share their cars. SnappCar takes care of the insurance, road side assistance, payments and facilitates the booking process. The platform is an easy way to look for a car that fits your demands. Registration is easy and free. In order to join, you have to create an account, upload your drivers license and walk-through the verification process.

After verification you will be able to send a request. As soon as you have found a suitable car you can send the car owner a rental request using the website.

When the car owner has accepted your request you will receive an e-mail from us containing a payment link. After the payment you will receive the confirmation via e-mail which will contain the address information of the owner.

When the booking is about to start both renter and owner receive the invite to start the check-in. Now you can note the fuel level, active mileage and any existing damages if present. This must be done and succcesfully finalized before commencing the rental and after returning the car (check-out).

About 30 min before the rental starts you'll receive the invite to check in. After check-in you can check-out the car at any moment (even before the end of the booking).

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