Renters - What to do in case of a breakdown?

During the rental you are insured in case of a breakdown. If the car suddenly stops working properly, lights flash up or a unusual smell/smoke occurs stop the car immediately and bring it to a safe spot. Try to figure out what went wrong and call the road side assistance immediately by dialing the following numbers and pick option 1:

Netherlands: +31 (0)30-2087011

Sweden: +46840309592

Denmark: +4589883586

Germany: +49 30 588 49323

Call the number which corresponds with the country in which you rented the car.

You will be transferred to Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) they will take care of the breakdown accordingly.

If a breakdown occurs within the Netherlands you will get a replacement vehicle with a maximum of 2 days. If the breakdown occurs abroad you will get a replacement vehicle until the end of the booking but they will first try to repair the vehicle if this is possible within a week.

You will always receive a message from our Community Support Team in case of a breakdown.


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