Renters - General penalty policy for renters

To be able to use SnappCar you will have to accept our general Terms & Conditions. These include the fines and fees displayed below, which exist to reduce inconveniences caused for renters and car owners.

SnappCar cancellation and administrational fees for Bookings



Cancelling a booking before car owner’s confirmation or payment.

€0 free of charge

Cancelling a booking after payment

More than 24 hours before start rental period: amount paid - €10 cancellation fee

Less than 24 hours before start rental period: no refund - the rental fee will be paid to the car owner

Processing failed extension*

€10 administration fee + costs of the extra rental period

* a failed extension is an extension that was not paid or not paid on time but did actually take place

If you want to cancel a booking to edit the booking make sure the car owners cancels and you request a new, correct booking. If you cancel the bookings yourself the above mentioned cancellation fees automatically apply. This is a process that we cannot undo.

If you think these cancellation fees do not apply to your specific situation do not cancel the booking and contact our Community team via citing the booking number. If you do cancel the booking beforehand we cannot undo the cancellation fees.

SnappCar fines and administrational fees concerning damages, breakdowns and misconduct

Wrong fuel

€ 25 fine + cleaning and additional repair costs of the car

Not paying traffic and parking tickets**

€ 10 administration fee + the costs of the fine

Car cleaning*

€ 25 fine + car cleaning costs*


€ 10 administration fee + repair costs up to the deductible amount (per damage event)

*Car cleaning costs are provided by a third party in agreement with SnappCar

**Processing traffic fines

A traffic fine will first be offered by the car owner and he/she will ask you to transfer the amount to their bank account so they can pay the fine. If the car owner does not receive the money or cannot properly reach you we will take care of the traffic fine and the above mentioned costs apply.


The above mentioned fines and fees will be deducted from your bank account automatically, you’ve given us permission to do so when you accepted our general Terms & Conditions. In case of Extensions, Traffic fines, Deductible and/or Cleaning costs you will receive an invoice with an overview of the costs.

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