Car owners - General penalty policy for car owners

To be able to use SnappCar you will have to accept our general Terms & Conditions. These include the fines and fees displayed below, which exist to reduce inconveniences caused for renters and car owners.

SnappCar cancellation and administrational fees for Bookings



Cancelling a booking before payment

€0 free of charge

Cancelling a booking in order to change a booking

€0 free of charge - renter receives an immediate refund

Cancelling a booking after payment

More than 24 hours before start rental period: amount paid - €10 cancellation fee

Less than 24 hours before start rental period: €75

Not present at start of the booking to hand over the car and check-in

€25 - full refund for renter

Car is in a bad shape due to lack of maintenance

Renter receives (partial) refund and owner will not receive (a part of) the rental earnings

Processing traffic fines

If you receive a traffic fine you will first offer this to the renter and ask him/her to transfer the money to your bank account. If you do not get a proper response and the money is not transferred to you within a reasonable time you can contact our Community Support.  

We’ll transfer the money to your account and collect (and deactivate) it from the renter but you’ll be in charge of paying the ticket. Important to mention is that the fines will always be reimbursed by us, even when the renter neglects or refuses payment.

Please remember to pay on time, as it’s your responsibility to pay the fine on time. SnappCar is not allowed to process any additional fees.

Why do I have to cancel a booking if the renter wants to change the booking?

If the renter cancels the booking after payment cancellation fees will automatically apply and you as an owner might get paid, this is a process that we cannot undo. This is why you as an owner need to cancel a (paid) booking in order to edit the booking. The renter will receive a full refund and can send the new request.

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