Car owners - What is the digital SnappForm?

Whenever a booking starts it is important that both owner and renter agree upon the status of the car. You will do this by using our digital SnappForm - a series of questions that together define the status of the car.

At the beginning of the booking, 30 minutes before the bookings starts, you will both receive a text and e-mail with the request to start the check-in. You will be able to add the current fuel level, mileage, any existing damages and you will have to check the renter's license. After finalising the check-in and handing over the keys the renter can take the car.

At the end of the booking you basiscally do the same and check-out the car. If there is any new damage you will be able to file this during check-out and we will take car of the rest.

It is not necessary to download an app but you will need an internet connection and smartphone or desktop/laptop nearby. You will also need to log in on your account and you will both have to finalise the check-in before the booking starts. 

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