Car owners - How can I set the availability of my car?

It’s always smart to optimally fill in the availability of your car on your profile to prevent disappointment for the renters. You can do this in your calendar, in which you’re able to set fixed free days or flexible days of availability. You can even set the availability per day. Above all, it’s very easy: clicking on a date changes the colour in which green means available and red means the opposite. You can adjust the availability in your profile by going to My SnappCar > My Car > choose Edit. Your calendar will automatically be blocked when you’ve accepted a rental request and the renter has paid.

Update 24/05: From now on you can also set the pick-up and drop-off times for your car. This way you will only receive requests when you are actually available! Check it out in the calender overview!

Tip: would you like to rent out your car for a minimum period of one day? Make sure you set a minimum rental period for your car in that case. It won’t be visible during searches for shorter rental periods than your minimum.

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