Car owners - How do we handle those half and whole rental days?

SnappCar prices are divided into a price for half a day or a full day. Renters that rent a car via SnappCar don’t pay surcharges during weekends, nights or vacations. In the case of one-day rental this means that you rent out the car for a minimum period of 8 hours and a maximum period of 24 hours. Are you planning on renting out a car for less than 8 hours? This means your revenue will consist of half a day rental including half of the free kilometers. The minimum rental price is €8.75.

Would you like to restrict your car rental to a one-day minimum? You can do so by checking a box in your SnappCar profile. Go to My SnappCar, click on your car and hit adjust. This will only show your car in the search queries with a minimum of 8 hours.

Update March 1:

From March 1 and onwards half a rental day will be 75% of the original day price, including 75% of the original amount of free kilometers. This is to compensate owners a bit more for the effort they put into each car rental. As an owner you will also receive 75% of the earnings.

For more information about the pricing update please see: Car owners - Pricing 2017

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