Renters - What is the status of my booking?

You can discover the status of your booking in My SnappCar under the tab My Bookings. Open rental requests or bookings with a starting date in the future are also visible in the dashboard. Bookings can have the following statuses:

Not sent

You made a rental request, but it hasn’t reached the car owner yet because your profile is still missing information. You’ll be able to contact the car owner as soon as your profile is complete. Your request is being processed You made a rental request, but the car owner hasn’t replied yet.


The car owner unfortunately declined your rental request. However, you can always send out another one to a different car owner.


The car owner accepted your request. The only thing left to do now is pay for the booking. This will seal the deal! You’ll be able to pay via the link in your email or in My SnappCar.


Either the car owner didn’t reply to your request and the starting time of the booking already passed or you were too late paying for the booking. You still want to book this car? You can do so by sending a new request with different time slots.


You paid, so now it’s official! After payment you'll receive the confirmation via e-mail, also about 30 min. before the booking starts you will get a text and e-mail to start the check-in. Don't forget to finalise the check-in before you take the car!

Rental period started

The car is in your possession now and the rental period has kicked off! Are you planning on sticking to the car longer than planned? Make sure you contact the car owner about this and take care of the extension click on the extend rental button in the booking in My SnappCar.

Rental period ended 

Like all good things, this one has also come to an end. The only things left to do is taking care of the check-out and writing a review. Did you have an exceptional experience with the car owner? Let us know!

Transaction completed

The rental period has ended; the car owner has been paid and extra mileage has been dealt with. You can find all the data on the booking in Bookings. On to the next one!


The booking has been cancelled. You, the car owner or SnappCar can do this. The reason behind the cancellation can be found in your email. Cancelling paid and confirmed bookings can lead to additional costs. More on this can be found in our penalty policy.

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