Car owners - What is the status of my booking?

You can discover the status of your booking in My SnappCar under the tab My Rentals. Open rental requests or bookings with a starting date in the future are also visible in the dashboard. Bookings can have the following statuses:


You received a rental request, but you haven’t replied yet. You can accept or deny the request. In any case, try to send a personal message when conveying contact about the request.


You denied the rental request.


You accepted the rental request. The booking is not final until the renter has paid for it. After payment the booking is confirmed and you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us.


You either received a rental request, but didn’t reply to it or the renter never paid for the booking after you accepted the request. As of now, the original starting time of the booking has already passed. Do you still want the booking to take place? Then we’d advice you to contact the renter to send a new request for a later time.


The renter paid for the booking, so you have a sealed deal! In the meantime you received an email containing the link to the digital SnappForm. 30 minutes before the booking starts you are able to start the check-in procedure. 

Rental (period) started

Your car has left the driveway and the rental period officially kicked off. Do you receive a request from the renter to extend the booking? That’s absolutely possible, but not without your consent. The renter can easily click the button extend booking after which it’s up to you to approve or deny. Note that a booking can be extended once.

Rental (period) ended

Like all good things, this one has also come to an end. The only things left to do is take care of the check-out and writing a review. Did you have an exceptional experience with the renter? Let us know!

Transaction completed

The rental period has ended; you’ve received your part of the deal and perhaps some money on mileage. You can find all the data on the booking in My Rentals. On to the next one!


The booking has been cancelled. You, the renter or SnappCar can do this. The reason behind the cancellation can be found in your email. Cancelling paid and confirmed bookings can lead to additional costs. More on this can be found in our penalty policy.

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