Code of Conduct for Usage of car

When you rent a SnappCar, you agree (per booking) with our code of conduct for usage of the car. You receive these conditions when you receive the SnappForm.

Code of Conduct for usage of car:

  1. The renter may not use the car on non-public roads nor to race, to test, to teach someone to drive in or for illegal purposes.
  2. The car may only be driven by the registered renter, whose license has been checked and verified before the rental by SnappCar’s system via an upload on the platform; a second driver is allowed if this user is also registered, checked and verified by SnappCar and has been added to the booking by the renter.
  3. The renter is responsible for making sure that no-one smokes in the car as well as no children nor pets are let into the car unless explicitly allowed so by the owner
  4. The renter is not allowed to transport more people than the car has seats. The amount of seats are defined by the amount of seatbelts in the car.
  5. The renter is responsible for properly locking the car when it is left unmanned.
  6. The renter is responsible for using the correct fuel and is liable for all additional costs if the wrong type of fuel is used.
  7. The renter is not allowed to sell, rent out, remove or use any parts of the car to a third party.
  8. The renter is liable for any damage, mechanical or any other type (to be determined by an independent expert), caused by misusage of the car. For example: a defect gear by racing or a defect brake drifting with the car.
  9. The renter is not allowed to transport dangerous, highly flammable or toxic substances with the car.
  10. The renter is not allowed to use the car if intoxicated by alcohol or any other substance.
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