Terms and conditions of the car

  • A. the renter may not use the car on non-public roads, to race, to test, to teach someone how to drive or for illegal purposes;
  • B. the car may only be driven by the registered renter, whose driving license has been approved by SnappCar before the rental period after being uploaded on the website; an extension of the rental period has to be registered and approved on the designated location on the website;a second driver is allowed if registered and approved by SnappCar before the rental period and if added to the booking in 'My SnappCar' of the renter;
  • C. the renter will ensure there will be no smoking in the car and no children or animals are transported unless the car owner explicitly allows these things;
  • D. the renter may not transport more passengers than the number of seats in the car. The number of seats is determined by the number of seatbelts present;
  • E. the renter will lock the car when it is left behind͖
  • F. the renter needs to use the correct fuel (and if not, the renter will be liable for all resulting costs, including the transportation, cleaning, repairing and replacement of parts);
  • G. the renter may not sell, rent out, remove or replace the car or any part of it, or try to hand over any rights related to the car to a third party;
  • H. the renter is responsible for all damage, mechanical or otherwise (to be determined by an independent expert) that can be directly attributed to abuse of the car by the renter; for example gearbox damage by driving aggresively or erratically͖
  • I. the renter may not transport dangerous, toxic or flammable materials in the car; 
  • J. the renter may not use the car while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other mind-altering substances͖



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