Renters - Certificate of insurance and green card

Certificate of insurance

We will email you the international certificate of insurance from insurance company Allianz along with the SnappForm. The international certificate of insurance is not the same as the green card, but is accepted as a valid certificate of insurance by the majority of European countries.

Green card

In some countries you are obligated to show a green card. Below you will find a short summary of the countries that require a green card.

Countries where a green card is obligatory:

Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Belarus, Cyprus, Israel, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine.

In case you are planning to visit one of the above-mentioned countries, please ensure that you have contacted SnappCar’s support team at least one week in advance. They will ensure that you receive a green card! You can reach our support team from Monday to Saturday via email at:

In case you are planning to go overseas with your SnappCar, do not forget to ask permission from the owner. Without his or her permission you are not permitted to take the car overseas!

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