Car owners - What is Instant Booking?

When you have a complete and verified account you are able to enable Instant Booking for your car! This way you can rent out your car even quicker!

How does it work?

Instant Booking speeds up the process of renting out your car by accepting the request automatically. Similar to regular bookings, Instant Booking will apply to all available dates in your calendar. If you have your car online, you are able to switch this feature ON or OFF via the Car Detail page: My SnappCar > My Cars > choose Edit.  Instant Booking cars are labeled with a thunder icon.

There are certain conditions that apply for a renter in order to book your car instantly.

  • Rental period cannot be longer than 3 days
  • The booking must be requested at least 24 or 12 hours in advance, depending on your settings
  • Pick up and drop off time must be set, default will be between 7AM and 11 PM

Extra settings

When you switch Instant Booking ON you can also set some additional conditions for the renters able to Instant Book your car:

  • All verified users (Default)
  • All users that have booked at least X times a car on SnappCar and/or have a review score of at least X start ( X = configurable by you)
  • All users that have booked YOUR car before

Please note: if a renter does not comply to these conditions he is still able to do a regular booking!

Benefits of Instant Booking

  • Convenient - Bookings without having to respond to each request.
  • Visible - Users can use filters to search for cars that can be booked instantly.
  • Instant booking affects your responsive rate

Please note that it is your own responsibility to keep your availability up to date. If you have cancelled an Instant Booking-request 3x you are no longer able to use it.

There is no additional fee for enabling the Instant Book feature.

If you have doubts about the renter, please contact us via or by calling 030 208 7011 and we will check it out for you! Keep the booking number nearby so we can help you quicker.

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