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The check-in is an essential part of the booking that you and the renter are both responsible for. Make sure it gets done properly and completely before handing over the keys. How to properly and completely do the check-in is explained below.

Check - In

About 30 min before the rental starts you get a text message and e-mail to open the check-in process. If you are unable to perform the check-in via your mobile device please go to My Car Sharing > click on the orange Check-in button. You will need to fill in some car details so go to your car to proceed.

  1. Check the booking details and press Start
  2. Start by filling in the current mileage, click Next
  3. Fill in the fuel level from 0 - 100%, by using the slider and click Next

If your car has any existing damages you can always add them to the car history. This way you can keep you car information up-to-date and you won’t have to add damages before every booking. If there are no (new) damages accept the state of the car (and continue to step 7!), if there are any damages that you have not yet filled in add them to the car history by following the next steps:

  1. Make a picture of every separate damage on the car and use the upload button to add the photo per damage, click Next
  2. Add a short description and click Complete
  3. If necessary repeat step 1 & 2 to add more damages

In the meantime your renter probably arrived, for the next steps the renter needs to be present because you will have to check his license.

  1. Click Yes if the license data matches, click No if there is an issue. Most likely you will have to inform our Community Support Team.

Now you’ve completed the check-in! Wait for the renter to complete the check-in and hand over the keys whenever he/she is finished. If the renter disagrees on something he/she will fill in a counter-proposal. In case of a counter-proposal you and the renter will go back-and-forth until you both agree.

PLEASE NOTE: the insurance ‘starts’ when the check-in procedure is complete, make sure all data is correct and you’ve received the ‘hand-over keys’ message and the renter has agreed upon accepting them. Do not give the keys if you did not finalise check-in (because of a dis-agreement or anything else) the car is not insured if you do. Only bookings with a complete check-in will be processed by us.


Check - Out

At the end of the booking you will receive another text message (and e-mail) to close the booking. Together with the renter you will check the car by accepting the previous state of the car. In case of any damages you will add them. You will have 48h to complete the check-out after the booking has ended, after 48h the bookings and check-out are closed.

Again the following steps will pass:

  1. Start by clicking End rental
  2. Continue by filling in the current mileage, click Next
  3. Check the fuel level and pick Yes if the level is the same as the start of click No if it’s different and fill in your counter-proposal.

PLEASE NOTE: fuel is something you and the renter manage yourselves, ask the renter to pay you the difference.

  1. Continue to the damages, check if there are no new damages and confirm the state of the car by clicking Yes. In case of new damages pick No and add the new damages. A damage report will be sent to our Community Support Team. Click Complete to continue
  2. Close the booking by confirming that your received the keys back, complete by writing a review.

And you’re done!


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