First rental: how does it work?

After you’ve created and finalized your account you wish to book a car as soon as possible! But how does this work exactly? In this article we’ll explain step-by step!

Finalize registration

After you’ve finished and verified your account you can send your first rental request to the owner. Not sure if your account is complete? We need: your valid license, your personal information, a verification check and a profile picture and a small introduction of yourself.

Request Send!

When you send the request also notify the owner about what you want to do with it, this way the owner can decide wether or not you are a good match! If the request had status Processing it means the owner has received your request! He/she will now check if the request is possible and will get back to you asap.

Also check:

Request Accepted

Yes! The request got accepted! This means the owner accepts your request and wants to share his car with you. Please note: this is only an accepted request not yet a definitive booking!


After the owner has accepted your request you will receive an e-mail from us and you can pay for the booking. When paying the booking you can also buy the deductible waiver. Once you’ve paid the booking is complete!

Still want to cancel? After payment a cancellation fee applies, please see our cancellation policy for more information.

Digital SnappForm

After payment you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the information of the owner. If you have any questions you can give him/her a ring! We advice to call/contact each other before  the booking starts to make sure all is clear, resulting  in a more relaxed booking. 30 minutes before the booking starts you wil be able to start the check-in. By answering a few simple questions you ‘define’ the status of the car. DId you receive the keys? Agree and the count-down of the booking will start!

Please note: only when you see the following image the check-in is complete:

Unable to fulfill the check-in? Contact our community support team or take a look in the helpcenter to see how it works exactly.

Picking up the car

Make sure you are back on time, the owner is counting on you! Together you check the car on any damages, complete the check-in and make sure everything is clear. Have some small chit-chat and you are ready to go!

Did you both finalize the check-in? Once you receive and agreed to receiving the keys you are good to go!

Is something going on during the check-in that you can’t solve by yourselves? Please contact our support team so they can give you a hand!

At the end of the booking you basically go through the same steps at check-out. You both check the car on any new damages, fill in the mileage and agree upon the fuel level.

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