First time sharing your car: how does it work?

Amazing! Your car is online, welcome to SnappCar! Together we're getting one step closer to our goal: 1% less cars in Europe! But, how does it work when you get your first rental request?

Step 1: A Rental Request

Once you've put your car online a first rental request usually comes quickly. You will receive a text and an e-mail from us with information about the renter, the date and pick-up and drop-off times of the car. 

Step 2: Accepting

Check out the rental request and the renter, double check if the date and times are correct. If necessary, call the renter to either make a small change (the renter will have to send an alternative request) or to ask why he/she needs the car. If all checks out, accept the booking. If you can't accept the booking, decline it and let the renter know why. 

Step 3: Renter Pays

Once you've accepted the renter receives a text and an e-mail to confirm and pay the booking. After the payment the booking is complete. If the booking is a bit further in the future it might happen that the renter doesn't pay immediately. Please note: after the booking you will receive the earnings.

Step 4: Contact!

After the payment is done by the renter you will both receive each others information. If necessary you can contact each other if there are any questions.

Step 5: Prepare the car

Before the booking starts it's important to prepare the car. Take out any personal items, such as random things in the trunk of the car, phone cables etc. this way things can't get replaced and the car looks clean and tidy. Check the fluids of the car and make sure all is well. Fill up the fuel tank to 100%.

Step 6: Contact the renter

On the day of the booking it's useful to contact the renter and make sure you know when he/she is coming to pick up the car. When the booking is about to start, make some small talk so everyone feels at ease. Maybe you even have something special in common!

Step 7: The Check-In

Before you give the car to the renter you will have to check a few things via the digital SnappForm. Also discuss the following:

  • Any special car-instructions that are necessary:like a clutch or convertible top.
  • Make sure the renter knows what kind of fuel the car needs
  • Check for any existing damages (which you can add beforehand <link to article>)
  • Show the renter where the damage form is (usually the glove compartment)
  • Make sure that the renter knows where to find essentials like a first aid-kit, the emergency triangle and the jack
  • Walkthrough the check-in questions i.e. fuel level, mileage etc.
  • Check the renter's license - and if applicable the license of the extra drivers
  • Wait until the renter has agreed to receiving the keys, you can hand over the keys when check-in is complete. Check-in is complete once you see the following screen:
  • Please note: never hand over the keys if the check-in is not completed! 


Step 8: The Check-Out

When the renter returns you basically repeat Step 7 again, check the car on any damages, note the mileage and agree upon the fuel level. Once you get the keys back you can close the booking. Please note: you have a total of 48h after the booking ends to close it. After 48h we close the booking automatically.

And that's it! You've completed your first time sharing your car! After closing the booking it takes 5 working days for us to process the booking and you will be paid.

If things are still unclear please contact our Community Support Team via 

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