Car owners - Check-out and payment


When the booking is about to be finished you will receive an e-mail with the request to start check-out. Once the renter has returned you will check-out the car together just like you did during check-in. After the booking has ended you will both have 48h to do the check-out process. If only one of you fills in the data, after 48h we will use the given data to close the booking.

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Checking the car

First you check the car. Together with the renter you will check the car on any damages, use a flashlight if necessary or decide you will both check it together in daylight.

Everything looking okay? Great! If you did discover a damage, this is the time to add it during check-out by making a picture and add a short description.

Mileage and fuel

After the check of the car you take a look at the mileage and fuel level. Add the current mileage to the check-out and decide if the renter brought back the car with enough fuel. If this is not the case you will have to agree upon a payment now.


Once you've finalized the check out you can leave a review about the renter. This is useful for other owners so they can see what the renter is like during a booking.

Did you have a bad experience but you don't want to put it in a online review? Contact us via mentioning 'Bad experience booking XXXXXX' so we can check it!


When the check-out is finalized you will be paid after 5 working days. We can only do this if you've added your bankaccount details in your profile.

You can add/change these via My SnappCar > My Profile > Bankdetails > Save!


It is possible that a damage occurred during the booking. If this is the case it is necessary that you add pictures and a description of the damage during check-out. Afterwards a damage report will be send to our insurer Allianz directly.

We will file the claim to Allianz and they will contact you and the renter for further instructions. 


If a breakdown occurred during the booking there are two possibilities: either the car gets fixed by our breakdown service or the car needs to be towed away and will be brought to your garage.

If the latter is the case you cannot do the check-out until the car is back at your garage, this also means you will have to contact the renter to settle the fuel costs etc.

It's possible that the 48h to finalise check-out have already passed by the time you see the car. If this is the case please e-mail us at mentioning 'Breakdown finalise booking XXXXXX' so we can close the booking for you.


Did something happen during the booking and you are unable to settle this with the renter? Please contact us via mentioning 'Disagreement booking XXXXXX', we will help you find a solution for the problem.


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