Car owners - FAQ - Renting out my car

What do you need to know before you start renting out your car? Luckily not much - it's very easy to rent out you car via SnappCar but we do advice you to read through this FAQ before you start.

First time renting out - How does it work?

Read more about Renting out the first time > click here!

Bookings - Accepting - Declining - Cancelling

How do I accept a booking?

When you've received a request via text/e-mail you can Accept it via the e-mail or by logging in My Car rental > Accept.

How do I edit a request/booking?

It is not possible to edit a request or booking, the only option is to cancel or decline the booking and let the renter know he's can request the car with different time slots.

How do I cancel a booking?

You can easily cancel a booking via My Car rentals > click on the booking > Cancel always let the renter know why you cancel the booking.

Check-in & check-out

Click on the link provided via text/e-mail and start the check in, fill in the following data:

1. Current mileage on the car

2. Current fuel level

3. File any existing damages

4. Check the renters license

5. Wait until the renter has accepted he received the keys

6. Ready to go!

At check-out you basically repeat these steps.

For more information about the Digital SnappForm > click here!

Revenue - Payment

How much can I earn renting out my car via SnappCar?

You can easily calculate your earning by using this calculation:

When will I get paid?

5 working days after the check-out has been finalized you will be paid. Please note: we can only pay you if you have correctly saved your bank account details in your profile via My Profile > Bank details > Save!

Insurance - Cooperation Allianz

Do I have to cancel my regular insurance?

No, during a booking our insurance will be like a layer over your own insurance. If something were to happen during a booking our insurance will take care of it.e

What to do in case of a damage?

At the end of the booking you add the damage via the check-out, a damage report is immediately send to our insurer Allianz and we will fill the damage. After that Allianz will contact you for further instructions.

Can you tell me a bit more about the coverage of the insurance?

Of course we can, we'd like to redirect you to this extensive article about the Coverage of the insurance > click here!




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