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Cancellation costs and general penalty policy.

1 June 2021

You will find SnappCar's Penalty Policy below. The penalty policy is part of the General Terms and Conditions and is applicable to all transactions and rental agreements concluded via the SnappCar platform.

The penalties are intended to cover all or part of the costs we incur to handle the situations caused by misbehaviour and/or breach of the SnappCar Rules.

Penalties are imposed and collected by - and paid to SnappCar. For clarity’s sake, the penalties are not eligible for payment to Owners. In certain circumstances there may be a compensation for the Owner, but SnappCar is not obliged to make payments in this respect. If and to what extent a coulance compensation payment will be done will always be determined by our SnappCar Community Support team on a case-by-case basis.

Cancel a paid booking

Renter cancellation
In case of a cancellation with more than 24 left hours before the start of the booking, the renter will receive a full refund which will be automatically refunded. If a renter cancel less than 24 hours before the start of the booking, the booking amount will not be refunded. This will be paid out to the car owner.

Do you want to change a booking? Then take a look at this page.

Canceling a booking is possible online via My Trips > Bookings > click on the relevant booking > choose Cancel.

Owner cancellation
When an owner cancels a booking the renter always receives a full refund. If the owner does so more than 24 hours in advance, this is without consequence. However if an owner cancels the booking within 24 hours of the start of the booking, SnappCar can decide to fine an amount of €75,00.  

Do you want to change a booking? Then take a look at this page.

Canceling a booking is possible online via My reservations > Bookings > click on the relevant booking > choose Cancel.

SnappCar fines and administration fees concerning damages, breakdowns and misconduct (in the Netherlands)





Traffic violation

Owner receives a fine incurred during rental period of renter - and SnappCar has to get involved

€ 25 + costs of fine


Renter returns Vehicle with non-full tank (and/or the agreed level) of fuel, in accordance with article 8.7.d. of the Terms and Conditions

€ 25 + costs of fuel


Renter has detecibly smoked in a ‘non smoke’ Vehicle

€ 75 + costs of cleaning


Renter returns Vehicle in a state to be described as ‘excessively dirty’

€ 75 + costs of cleaning


Renter takes Vehicle without permission of the Owner and/or without paying the paying abroad fee out of the Netherlands

500 + costs that are made extra to retrieve the car

Late return

Owners are relying upon renters to return their cars on the agreed time and location. If renters do not, this can cause great inconvenience, to both the owners and any future renters.

Always bring back the car on the agreed time and location. If the renter foresees this will not be possible, always directly contact the owner and if possible, file a rental extension. If this is not possible (because the owner needs the car or the extension cannot be paid due to insufficient funds for the renter) the renters is obliged to bring the back on the agreed time and location.

€ 50 per hour too late (with a maximum of 500 euros). Calculation starts 1 hour after the rental period expires.

No return fee

Renter does not return the car after the rental period on the agreed time and place

€ 500 + costs that are made extra to retrieve the car

Unauthorised driver

Renter allows another person to drive the car without that person being added as an additional driver and/or being verified by SnappCar

You as the renter will not be insured if an unauthorised driver drives the vehicle!


Insurance Fraud

The Insurer is entitled to stipulate, as a condition for coverage, that the Renter and/or the Owner must submit a completely filled in and confirmed and/or signed SnappForm and that the Renter and/or the Owner must submit a fully filled in and signed European claim form. In the event that the Renter or the Owner fails to cooperate or fails to cooperate sufficiently in that respect, that party, himself, will be liable for any damage that ensues. Thus, that includes, but is not limited to, the damage that occurs and is not covered by the Insurance Company because Users have not cooperated or have not cooperated sufficiently.

Minimal € 1000 + costs

Aborted roadside assistance


When breakdown assistance is requested but no longer needed, but the roadside assistance is not timely informed, resulting in an aborted trip.

€ 250

Additional costs

SnappCar has the right to deduct (out of courtesy) from the renter any advances paid to third parties (for limitation of damage or as an advance for a settlement) caused by renter as stated in the Terms and Conditions 11.9


Processing traffic fines

A traffic fine will first be offered by the car owner and he/she will ask you to transfer the amount to their bank account so they can pay the fine. If the car owner does not receive the money or cannot properly reach you we will take care of the traffic fine and the above mentioned costs apply.

How are these costs charged?

The above mentioned fines and fees will be deducted from your bank account automatically, you’ve given us permission to do so when you accepted our general Terms & Conditions. In case of extensions, traffic fines, deductible and/or cleaning costs you will receive an invoice with an overview of the costs.