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In this article you will find all the information on what to do and think of when your car is returned by the renter via SnappCar .


How to check-out your Keyless booking

How to check-out your personal booking


How to check-out your Keyless booking

As an owner of the car, you do not have to do anything when checking out a Keyless booking. The renter follows all the steps in the SnappCar app and the booking is automatically closed when the renter has completed the check-out process. It is important that you check the car for any damage after each rental. If you discover damage after the check out has been done, please fill out the form in  this article within 48 hours after the rental has ended.

Fuel registration

For most cars with SnappCar Keyless, we can track the fuel levels so it's easy to arrange the extra costs. That means you will be able to see the fuel levels from the check in and check out directly in the booking overview. Unfortunately, for some models this is not possible. For different reasons, about 20% of Keyless cars are unable to track the fuel registration. 

In these cases, we ask you to arrange this together with the renter. We recommend to ask the renter to take a photo of the fuel level at the moment of check in and check out


Mileage registration

The SnappCar Keyless system tracks the mileage of the car. For some models, it is not possible to do this with the dashboard data, so we track it using GPS. The GPS tracking can have a 12.5% deviation, so we recommend you to ask the renter to check and take a photo of the mileage when checking in and checking out. 

Read more here about how to handle fuel and other extra costs: Fuel and mileage costs


How to check-out your personal booking

Together with the renter, you check the car by comparing the status of the car during the check-out.

You come across these steps:

  • Start the check-out by clicking on 'Check out'
  • Enter the new milage and choose Next
  • Check the fuel level and indicate if you agree
  • Proceed to the damage, check that there are no new damages and confirm the status of the car by clicking Yes.
    • In case of new damage, choose No and add the new damage. The damage is then immediately registered to Allianz, they will then contact you within 2 working days for further processing.
  • Choose Complete to continue.
  • Close the booking by confirming that you have received the keys, finish by writing a review.

And you're done!

The check-out can also be done earlier if the renter returns earlier. After the end of the booking you have a maximum of 48 hours to complete the check-out. The booking will then be automatically closed and cannot be changed.

Note: fuel should be arranged between both owner and renter. The owner should get the car back with the same fuel level as at check-in.