SnappCar Keyless

At SnappCar we also have a number of cars on our platform that you can book and use without the need for a physical key handover with the owner. With these cars the calendar is kept up to date by the owner so that you can immediately use the car without having to meet the owner in person. 


How does a SnappCar Keyless booking work?

  • A rental request

In order to rent with SnappCar Keyless, you only need a smartphone. There is no more need for a physical key handover. You can open the car yourself using the SnappCar app. Simply search for a car on our platform that fits your needs. Then you send a rental request to the owner, who can accept or refuse it. Once the request has been accepted, you proceed to pay and the booking is confirmed. 

  • The day of the rental

Thirty minutes before the rental period starts you can locate the car. The location will be near the owner’s home address, but if you want to see the exact location you can do so via the booking details page on the SnappCar app. 

  • The check-in

Once you have arrived at the car, you start the check-in procedure. Wit SnappCar Keyless most cars automatically register the mileage and, depending on car compatibility, the fuel level. But always take a photo of the mileage and fuel level. In the check-in process it is important that you carefully inspect the car for any damages. These can be compared to the registered damage on the car profile. 

At the end of the check-in process you’ll see a button that unlocks the car. If you click this, the car opens and the immobilizer is deactivated. You find the car key in the keyfob holder in the glove compartment. Now you can start the engine and take off!

  • The rental period

During the rental period you can use the car key just like you do with any other car (open, close and start with the car key). 

Will you, due to unexpected circumstances, need the car longer than the original rental period? Then request an extension on time and pay it as soon as the owner accepts it. 

  • Check-out

When returning the car, we expect you to return the car with the same level of fuel as when you received it, unless otherwise agreed with the owner.

Park the car in the right spot and correctly place the key in the glove compartment, with the keyfob in the holder. Close all windows, take your personal belongings out of the car and close the doors. Now you are ready to start the check-out. 

Follow the check-out procedure and report any damages if they have occurred. Always take pictures of the car from different angles and save them on your smartphone, whether or not damage occurred. As renter, you should be able to provide the pictures to SnappCar upon request. 

At the end of the check-out you can press the close car-button. This will lock the vehicle and end the SnappCar Keyless booking. 

If you do not close the car with a smartphone, the car will remain open. You are responsible for any issues caused by not closing the car accordingly. In case of any problems with locking the car, please contact the owner immediately. 

Do I have to install a new app?

Everything can be done with the SnappCar app! It is wise to always download the most recent version of the app. 

Where can I find the additional conditions for SnappCar Keyless?

You can find the additional terms and conditions for SnappCar Keyless here. The additional T&C’s are also included in all correspondence regarding SnappCar Keyless and can always be found on 


What about my privacy during the rental period?

The SnappCar Keyless-technology registers the fuel level (depending on compatibility), mileages, GPS-coördinates and general user-data of the vehicle. This data will not be shared with third parties in a way that it can be traced back to identifiable individuals, unless SnappCar is obliged to do so and/or if there is a well-founded reason, such as suspicion of abuse or fraudulent activities. 

The owner does not have access to this data during the rental period, which guarantees your privacy as a renter. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. 


Check-in and check-out

How does a SnappCar Keyless check-in and check-out work?

Checking in and out has become a lot easier. The car key is in a key holder in the car, so you do not have to pick it up at the owner. You can unlock the car from the moment the check-in is opened. The mileages and, depending on car compatibility, the fuel level are automatically registered. Always take photos of the fuel level and the mileage and save them on your smartphone. Inspect the car for any damages and compare them to the registered damages in the car profile. As a renter you only have to report any new damage at check-in and check-out.

How are the fuel level and total mileages calculated with SnappCar Keyless?

The total driven kilometers of the booking are automatically registered by the Keyless technology in the car (this number can deviate slightly with the odometer in the car). Depending on whether the car is compatible or not, the fuel will also be registered automatically. If the car is not compatible, the fuel level will not be registered. Always return the car with the same amount of fuel as when you got it, unless explicitly agreed otherwise with the owner. 

Do I still have to contact the owner when booking a car?

No, this is not necessary anymore. You can access the car from the moment the check-in opens and can take the car keys from the holder to start your trip. The owner is automatically notified about the start and finish of the rental period. Of course you are free to contact the owner at any time if you’d like to.

What should I do if I can’t locate the vehicle with SnappCar Keyless? 

At the moment that the check-in opens you can find the location of the car in the booking details. To guarantee your privacy, the owner can’t see the location of the car during the rental period.

If you cannot access the location of the car, this might occur for several reasons:

  • The SnappCar app fails to load the car location;
  • The previous rental is still going on;
  • The geolocation can be off.

If you still cannot locate the car, contact the owner. If he or she can’t help you, you can always contact our Community Support team on 030 208 7011. 

Where should I park the car at the end of the rental period?

You must return and park the car close to the home address of the owner. The address of the owner can be found in the booking details. Please note that you must return the car in an authorized area (in case of a parking permit). If you leave the car in an unauthorised place, it will be your responsibility to regulate any incurred parking fines. The owner can see the exact location of the car as soon as the check-out has been completed. This way the owner knows exactly where the car is parked.

What should I do if I can’t unlock the car?

To unlock the car, go to the booking in SnappCar app and click on 'Check-in'. You can open the car at the last step of the check-in process. 

If you are unable to open the car, first contact the owner. If you can’t reach the owner or they can’t help you out, please contact Community Support on 030 208 7011.

I have left personal belongings in the car, can I still access the car?

If you have forgotten your personal belongings in the car after checking out, we advise you to contact the owner. The owner can lock and unlock the car for you after you’ve checked out.

What if I will arrive too late for the check-out, can I extend my booking?

In case you will be too late, and can’t return the car before the rental period ends, then you must request the owner for an extension through SnappCar. Check with the owner if it is possible to return the car somewhat later and make the request on time . When you extend the booking, you are insured during the entire rental period. If you do not book an extension, then you are not insured. Are you too late to request an extension? Then request a new booking as soon as possible and first check-out accordingly. Then, you can start the check-in procedure (of the new booking) and continue your journey. 


Damage and theft

What should I do if I have a damage?

All SnappCar rentals are insured by our insurance partner Allianz that provides an all-risk insurance. In the unlikely event of damage occurred during the rental period, you can report the incident during the check-out procedure. Indicate that damage has occurred during the rental period and add pictures and a description. Also, immediately inform the owner that damage has occurred. In the Help Center you can read more about what to do in case of a damage. 

What should I do if I see damage that has not been reported?

If you notice a damage during the check-in that has not yet been reported, you can add it during the check-in with the SnappCar app with a photo and a description. It is important that you pay attention to this, because the owner or the renter after you will report this damage. In that case, there is a legal presumption that the damage occurred during your rental period and you will be held responsible for the damage. 

Do I also have to take pictures of the car if I have driven damage?

Yes, make sure you always take photos of the car and keep it on your smartphone. There is a legal presumption that the tenant has caused the damage that has not been reported within 24 hours after the end of the rental period. Photographs can be requested by SnappCar and / or the insurance company for research purposes.

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