How do I extend my booking?

You can renew a booking up to one time. This may be necessary if, for example, you are in a long traffic jam and can not be back in time. Renewing a booking goes as follows:

  • Contact the car owner
    Call the owner in time (at least one hour before the end of the booking) for approval for an extension.

  • Request extension
    • After agreement of the owner you send an extension request via the website. Go to My Trips> Bookings> Open the relevant booking> Click Extend. Enter the new end time and possibly a new date here.
    • If the owner does not agree with the renewal request, then you have to hand in the car at the time specified in the booking. The owner may have another tenant or needs the car himself.

  • Payment
    Pay after accepting the extension by the owner as soon as possible via the payment link in the e-mail or via the website in your booking overview.

Note: The car, you as a renter and your passengers are insured by Allianz for the duration of the initial booking. It is therefore important that the extension has been approved and processed well before the end time of the booking. If this is not completed before the end time of the rental then extension is not possible.

In case an extension fails

Extensions that are not or have not been done correctly result in unnecessary and undesirable administration and costs. In addition to an extra debt collection and possible erroneous kilometer calculations, it create hassle. This will take extra time and will cost you money as a renter.

Are you unable to complete the extension before the end of the official booking? Then send a new rental request to the owner and pay as soon as possible after acceptance of the owner. Clear and direct phone contact is also very important here. Also make sure you check out the initial booking and check in again with the new booking.