First rental: How does it work?

After you have created and completed your account you would probably like to rent a car as soon as possible! But how does that work exactly? We will explain this step by step in this article!

Complete registration

You can start with sending a message to owners after your registration. To send a rental request you will need to have a verified account. Are you not sure if your account is verified? What we need to have received from you is: your personal data, copies of your drivers licence, a bank verification and a a profile photo with a short description about yourself! You can read here how to verify your account.

Accepted rental request

Yes! Your request has been accepted! This means the owner has agreed and will gladly rent out the car to you. Read here how to book a car.

Note: an accepted rental request is not yet a official booking.


After the owner has accepted the booking, you will receive an email from us with which you can complete the payment. You will have the option to lower the own risk during the payment. The payment can also be completed through the website in the booking overview. When the payment has been made the booking will be final.

After the payment you will receive the contact information of the owner. In case you have any questions left about the booking, you can just contact the owner. Good communication will make for a smooth booking.

Note: Still want to cancel? This is no longer free of charge. You can read how this works in  ‘How do I change or cancel a booking?’

Pick up and check-in

Make sure you are on time to pick-up the car, the owner counts on you! Together with the own you will check the car, start the check-in and make sure that everything is clear. Does the car have any particularities, where are the car papers and what fuel does the car use? Keep it casual and have a little chat!

You will receive an SMS, app notification or e-mail 30 minutes before the start of the booking, with which you can start the check-in. Therefore, answer a few simple questions via the app of the website. When everything is in order and the check-in has been completed by both, you will receive the key from the owner. You will confirm this in the check-in and you’re good to go! Take a look at our Check-in/check-out article to read more.

When something is wrong at this point, or when something is unclear or you are not able to work things out, you can contact our Community Support Team via +31(0)30 2087011 They are happy to help you.

Note: Never take the car with you without completing the Check-in!

Return and check-out

When you return the car you will have to make sure that the fuel is at the same level as it was at the pick-up, that the car is clean and that you arrive before the end of the booking.

Are you not able to be back in time? Inform the owner in time! When you know on forehand that you are going to be late, then you will have to request and extension. You can do this up unto 1 hour before the end of the booking.

Note: You will be driving around uninsured when you have not returned the car in time. That is why you will always have to inform the owner when you are running late. Read more about extension here.

Once the car is back you will go through the steps of the check-out. You will note the status of the car and after the approval and return of the key the booking will be finished!

That was it! You’re first rental has finished! You can now leave a review of the owner if you wish.

If anything is unclear or do you have additional questions? Please contact our Community Support Team via