How does the check-in and check-out work?

The check-in is an essential part of the booking that you and the owner are both responsible for. Make sure it gets done properly and completely before handing over the keys. How to properly and completely do the check-in is explained below.

Check in

30 min before the booking starts you will receive a message via the the SnappCar App (or by SMS) and an e-mail from us to start the check-in. The owner of the car has probably already filled in a number of things such as mileage, damage and the fuel level. In this case you will only have to check this data in some of the steps.

If you are unable to start the check-in via your mobile? Then go online to My Trips > Bookings > open the relevant booking > click on the orange Check-In button.

  • Check the booking details and click on Start
  • Start the check-in by pressing Start
  • Enter the current KM mode and press Next
  • Indicate the fuel level and choose Next
  • If the car is damage free you can accept the status. Are there any damages that have not yet been completed? Then let the owner add them.
  • The owner must also check your driving license, make sure you have a valid driver's license that is also filled in on your account. In case you can present your drivers licence or it doesn’t match with the booking details, the booking can not continue.
  • If everything is in order you will receive the keys, choose Yes if you have received them, the booking will start from that point on.

The check-in is complete when you see the following screen:


Note: the insurance starts only after you receive the keys from the owner, so make sure that all details are correct and that you receive the 'receive the key message'. Do not take the keys when the check-in has not yet been completed, the car will not be insured.


At the end of the booking you will receive a message again via the SnappCar App (or SMS) and an e-mail to close the booking. Together with the owner you check the car and confirm the status of the car. In case of damage you add these inthe check-out.

Again, the following steps will pass:

  • Start the check-out by clicking on "End booking"
  • Enter the current mileage and choose Next
  • Check the fuel level and select Next
  • Proceed to the damage, check that there are no new damages and confirm the status of the car by clicking Yes.
    • In case of new damage, choose No and add it. A damage report is sent directly to our Community Support Team. Choose Complete to continue.
  • Close the booking by confirming that you have returned the keys, conclude by writing a review.

And you're done!

The check-out can also be done earlier if you return the car earlier. After the booking you have a maximum of 48 hours to complete the check-out. Then the booking is closed by us and can not be changed. Is something going wrong during the check-out or check-in? Please contact us.

Note: fuel is arranged between the renter and the owner. You should return the car with the same fuel level as at the beginning. If there is a difference, you have will have to pay in cash or through an online banktransfer.