How do I verify my account?

Account verification

To be able to send a rental request and actually rent a car, you must first verify your profile. As soon as you send a rental request you will see a pop-up to update your account:

  • Upload your driver's license - This is how we know you are allowed to drive the car.

The Netherlands:

  • Pay €3,50 register fee. You’ll receive two coupons of €5,- each which you can use for your next bookings.

Other countries:

  • Germany € 2
  • Denmark DKK 2,50 
  • Sweden SEK 3

Your account is now completely in order! Your outstanding rental requests are automatically sent to the car owners. Have a look here for tips on how to successfully book a car.


Problems with the driver's license verification

Sometimes something goes wrong when uploading and checking your driver's license. Below are the most common problems:

  • The upload of the driving license is rejected

When the upload is rejected, this is usually because the photo is not legible. Perhaps the driving license is not fully pictured or is not sharp enough. To upload your driving license, it is best to use a JPEG file of up to 10Mb. You must upload both the front and back of your driving license in two separate images. It is also possible that your driving license is no longer valid. Therefore always check the expiry date. When you have created a new photo that meets the requirements, you can upload it via your profile.

  • Paper driving license

Do you have a paper driving license? Then the upload is slightly different. The left column, with your passport photo on it, can be used to upload as the front of the driving license. The middle and right column can be put on one image and used as the back of the driving license. Because a paper driving license is often out of date, there is a chance that the image can not be read correctly. You prevent this by making a clear scan (instead of a photo).

  • No EU driving license

Allianz, the insurance company we work with, offers insurance for all participants who have a Dutch or other EU driving license. Are you in possession of a driver's license other than from an EU country? Then participation is unfortunately not (yet) possible.


Problems with payment verification

You must verify your identity through a 3,50 euro payment with a Dutch bank account that is registered in your name. This information must match the information in your profile. You can therefore only pay the payment with a Dutch private bank account that is registered in your name. 

  • Business account

The verification is necessary to determine your identity for the insurance. The payment must, therefore, be paid with a private account in your name. But it is possible to pay for a booking with a business account.

  • Shared bank account

Shared bank accounts are not allowed. The payment must be paid with a private account in your name.

Are you still unable to verify your account? Please contact our Community support team and we will gladly help you further!


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