How can I register as a renter on SnappCar?

To rent a car on Snappcar, you need a profile. In this article we explain the steps needed to start your journey with SnappCar!

No account yet? No problem, it is very simple!


There are two ways to register: You can sign up via Facebook or log in with your name, email address and password. With the last option you will receive an email with an activation link. Click on the activation link to verify your email address.

Through the link you will be redirected to our website and you have to go through a few more steps to complete your account. You have to fill in your personal and contact details, add a profile photo and a short description about yourself. After this you only need to verify your phone number and your account is complete.

Once you have completed this you specify whether you want to rent a car or rent.

You have now created your profile! You are ready to use SnappCar. You can already start looking around for interesting cars and send messages to car owners.

Account verification

To be able to send a rental request and actually rent a car, you must first verify your profile. As soon as you send a rental request you will see a pop-up to update your account:

  • Upload your driver's license - This is how we know you are allowed to drive the car.
  • Transfer 1 cent - So we know for sure that it is you.

Your account is now completely in order! Your outstanding rental requests are automatically sent to the car owners. Have a look here for tips on how to successfully book a car.

If you have tome trouble verifying your account, take a look here.