How much does renting through SnappCar cost?

The cars at SnappCar are on average cheaper than at traditional car rental companies and saving users hundreds of euros a year compared to owning a car yourself. At SnappCar there’s no deposit and no subscription costs. You only pay for the car that you actually use.

The rent
Car owners are free to determine their own rental prices, mileage fee and amount of free kilometers

  • Daily price
    This is the price an owner asks for one day's rent.
  • Number of free kilometers
    This is the number of kilometers per day you can drive without paying a kilometer fee. The number of free kilometers is standard at 100 km per day. For example, if you rent for 3 days, you can drive a total of 300 km "free" in that case.
  • Price per kilometer
    This is the price per kilometer in case the number of free kilometers is exceeded.
  • Fuel
    In addition to the daily price, you pay for the fuel that you use. These costs are not included in the rental price. We advise the owner to give a full tank so that you can bring the car back again fully refueled.

Insurance and service costs

  • Insurance
    Every booking at SnappCar is insured. Through our insurance partner Allianz, the car you rent is insured against damage, theft, and destruction. In addition to the car, you and your passengers are also insured from the moment you leave until you have delivered the car back. You bear a part of the costs for the insurance as a renter, the remaining part is for the owner. Read more about the insurance here.
  • The SnappCar fee
    The SnappCar fee is the amount you pay for SnappCar's service. These service costs are divided between the renter and the owner on each booking.

Calculation of the total rent

The total rent you pay for a car on SnappCar can be calculated as follows:

Step 1: The rent

  • The number of days you want to rent multiplied by the daily rate.
  • The number of extra driven kilometers multiplied by the kilometer price.

Step 2: Insurance and service costs

  • SnappCar: 10% on the rent
  • Insurance (Allianz): 5% on the rent, with a minimum of €4,50 per day.

The calculation then looks like this:
Rent * Insurance + service costs (15%) = total rent

Other variables to take into account

  • Age allowance
    Are you 24 or younger? Then an age supplement of 5 euros per day applies.
  • Whole and half days
    Renting a car for one day means a booking period of 8 to 24 hours on SnappCar. Do you only need a car for a short while? Then you can also rent a car on SnappCar for less than 8 hours. In that case, there is a 'half day'. A car for half a day is 75% of the rent and you get 75% of the number of free kilometers.
  • Multiple days discount
    When you rent a car for several days, the owner can choose to give you a discount. With a rental of 3 to 6 days, you will receive a 10% discount. If you rent a car for 7 days or longer, the discount is 15%. When the owner has activated this option, your discount will be calculated on the daily price of the car. This discount does not apply to extra kilometers driven.
  • Abroad fee
    When you want to take the car abroad, a fee of €5,-per day applies. This fee will be added to the rental price and provides insurance coverage in other countries. 
  • Limit your own risk
    In some cases, you have the option to limit your own risk. You will pay a fixed amount per rental day so that, in case of damage, you have a lower deductible. The amount you pay per booking to limit the deductible can be found in your booking overview.

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