How do I add an additional driver?

If you rent a car through your account, you are automatically the official driver of the car for the insurance. Do you want to let a fellow passenger drive in the SnappCar? Then it is mandatory to register this extra driver.

Keep the following things in mind:

  • First ask permission from the owner before adding an additional driver.
  • The additional driver has a verified and complete account on SnappCar.
  • The additional driver must meet the same conditions required for booking, such as the minimum age to rent a specific car.
  • You as a renter are responsible for the car and for that reason must also be the person who collects and returns the car. The additional driver is not allowed to do this!

Adding a driver

You can register an extra driver after payment of the booking. You do this online via My Trips > Bookings > select the relevant booking and click on "Adding driver". Here you enter the e-mail address with which the extra driver is registered with us. A confirmation email is then sent to you, the car owner and the additional driver.

Note: if you let someone drive in the SnappCar that is not registered as additional driver, then they are not insured in case of damage and you are responsible as a renter.

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